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Giuseppe Sanfratello

Giuseppe Sanfratello

PhD Student

My research concerns the transmission of the Byzantine music in Southern Italy, in particular, the oral liturgical chant tradition of the Italo-Greek (Albanian) communities in Sicily. In details, the aim of my PhD project is to conduct a comparative analysis of this oral liturgical chant repertoire and the musical tradition transmitted by late-medieval Byzantine musical manuscripts. Therefore, I intend to enlighten the developments of this oral chant tradition from the beginning of the Albanian diaspora (i.e. end of the 15th century) to the present day, by comparing the ethnomusicological recordings and transcriptions of such Sicilian-Albanian repertoire with chants transcribed from the Late Byzantine musical manuscripts, which are available in the microfilms collection of the Monumenta Musicae Byzantinae ( Lastly, such a comparison has until now not been undertaken in a systematic way.

ID: 122748523