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Rose Løvgren

Rose Løvgren

PhD Fellow, guest

My ongoing PhD focuses on security politics directed at African young men. Concretely, I examine the Rwandan rehabilitation center placed on Iwawa Island in Lake Kivu, where young men termed 'delinquent' are given moral re-education and vocational skills training. I focus on how men's gender and their intimate and familial relations influence the way they are defined as threats to societal stability, as well as what political initiatives this image of threat motivates.

On a more general level, I use my background in philosophy and African Studies to examine and discuss popular and scientific associations between masculinity and political mass violence. Drawing on philosophical and anthropological approaches to gender, security, rites of passage, camps and citizenship, I analyze the specific Rwandan context with the intention of contributing to wider debates on masculinity and security politics.

ID: 41796779