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Tenna Jensen

Tenna Jensen



Research interests:

  • The history of food (in Denmark) in the 20th and 21st centuries.
  • Developments of food quality and production;
  • The inter-relationship between food science, -policy and -practice;
  • Changes and continuities in the consumption of food in Denmark in a European context past and present.

I am Co-PI in Copenhagen Centre for Health Research in the Humanities, a research centre at the SAXO-Institute that works with cultural analytical and historical perspectives on health, body and ageing. I work at the development of the groups cultural historical projects and its interdiscplinary initiatives on food, including the ongoing SAXO-network that arrange regular seminars and activities on Foodpractices and Nutrition.

I am currently Co-PI and employed as post.doc. on the intidiscplinary researchproject CALM ( Counteracting age related loss of skeletal muscle-mass in the elderly), one of the University of Copenhagen Programmes of Excellence. Read more about the project on I am furthermore project manager on the research project Appetit på maden ( appetit for food). The project is a collaboration with the municipality of Copenhagen concerning apetite among older persons in Copenhagen.

I am furthermore affiliated researcher at the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography, University of Oxford .

My post.doc. project is titled Food for the Elderly in 20th and 21st century Denmark. The project focuses on scientific and political perceptions of food for elderly and past and present municipal and personal food practices. 

I have previously researched developments in food consumption in Denmark in the 20th and 21st centuries; socio-geographic consumption patterns; historical developments of food quality and aspects of the developments of the nutritional science in Denmark from 1900.



  • The cultural history of food in Denmark and Europe
  • Percpetions of health and body 1850-
  • Food and health policy
  • food for older people, policy, science and practice

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