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Nanna Bonde Thylstrup

Nanna Bonde Thylstrup


Nanna Bonde Thylstrup works on the politics of digitization, the uncertainty of archival constructions and the epistemology of algorithms. She holds a PHD (2014) with a dissertation on the politics of mass digitization of cultural memory objects, in which she discussed the changing paradigms of cultural memory politics as it enters the digital environment. Her main areas of interest are Cultural theory, Media theory, Performance studies, Sociology and Feminist theory and Queer theory. 

Currently, Nanna is affiliated with two major research projects at the University of Copenhagen. The first, Uncertain Archives, is a project that seeks to deploy and develop traditional and poststructuralist archival theories to big data environments. The second, The Past's Future, examines the educational role of cultural memory institutions in the digital age.


Current research

In my current research I examine big data environments through cultural theories of the archive and how big data creates new regimes of interaction and interpretation. I focus on data infrastructures, and I am in particular interested in how data regimes create new cultural techniques of archiving, regulating, interpreting and retrieving.

Primary fields of research

Media theory, digital and big data theory, cultural theory, archive theory, performance studies, feminist theory, psychoanalytic theory, queer theory and theories on decolonialization


I enjoy supervising BA and MA theses. My primary field of expertise is digital culture but I have supervised successfully in other areas too, hereunder the politics of afro-futurism, the affects of childrens literature, the ethics of participative documentaries, social media aesthetics and the semiotics of emojis. 

I have compiled and taught/will teach the following courses:

  • 2011: Cultural policy. With Peter Duelund 
  • 2014: The politics of mass digitization (MA level) 
  • 2016: Big data archives: the politics of colonial archives (MA Level). With Daniela Agostinho.  


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