Material Culture – University of Copenhagen

Material Culture and the materialisation of Culture

A number of scholars at Saxo are involved in research into various forms of materiality: the investigation of concrete objects as well as material processes and practices. Areas of research stretch from focus on artefacts from prehistory to the present on the one hand, and to the ways in which culture materializes itself in objects and consumption as well as in bodies and movements, spaces and landscapes, memories and visual representations on the other.

The research pillar embraces Saxo’s Departments across the disciplines, especially those of archaeology, ethnology and history. Thus we strive to include both a multi-disciplinary approach as well as the methods and perspectives specific to the individual disciplines in dealing with the themes and activities of this research pillar.

Due to our close affinity with the research pillar on Body and Health, we plan to host some joint arrangements in 2010-2011.

All staff members of Saxo are welcome to participate. Researchers from other departments as well as external scholars are most welcome, but should first contact the arrangers of the individual events.